Technical information

Composition: 60% regenerated nylon & 40% wool
Wilton woven carpet: cutpile

Backing: PES/latex, glassfibre & jute
Sizes: standard sizes, special sizes & broadloom

100% recyclable yarn - cradle to cradle
Class 32 general commercial use

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You're my safe haven

A little text, only a few words,
but they can make a world of difference ...                                         We all crave human connection. It's in our DNA.

Dont' you just love those evenings at the beach, having a long, deep conversation with a friend you trust? Or playing with the little ones?

Or just a hi & bye with someone you accidentely meet while you doggies sniff each other out?

Or maybe you don't feel like talking at all, and you just want to enjoy the silence, staring into infinity, side by side, or alone or with your angels ...

Can you imagine it? YES? Great! ...

Now let's bring this feeling into your home.

Relaxing in your living room, on the couch, or even on the carpet. Bring the peace that comes with the beach into your home, your safe haven, where everything feels like it always had to be like this, just had to be at home !